Cloud Thoughts

i look up high in the sky
just wondering why
my life rests on solid ground while clouds are passing by.

they’re cruising eternally
through marvellous skies
floating all over the world
oh how sublime.

they’re wand’ring day after day
year after year
and scatter whenever the breeze blows softly through the air.

compared to the clouds above
life stay always the same.
permanent,stable and full of secret dreams.

sometimes I’d wish to follow them till the end of day.
what if  I left my mem’ries behind
one moment living somewhere far away.

At Nightfall

Dorothea Jaburek

The night we met

Beyond the dawn

I’ve heard a song of love forever gone.

Why oh why did I go wrong?

I thought our bond had been so strong.

But now I look back and I see what I have done to you.

A spark of hope drifting away.

I know where I am now I cannot stay.

We all cry when we feel pain.

When love is gone we’re not the same.

I wish that one day I could turn back just to see your smile.

Just to see your joy.